• Why is a LaterTalk account important for me and my family?
    A LaterTalk account gives you the opportunity to maintain a journal of important events, holidays, anniversaries, milestones or other memories that are important to you and your family/ friends. A LaterTalk account also allows you to message your survivors with comforting words, encouraging comments and even humorous stories after you have passed away. Although some may leave handwritten notes to children, friends and family, a LaterTalk account provides a unique way to schedule certain messages for certain occasions (for example, you can schedule messages for delivery on Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, other holidays and important dates in your own family or circle of friends).
  • Why would someone want to keep email/text, photo, video or audio messages in a LaterTalk account rather than having those messages ready for survivors in the event of their passing?
    A LaterTalk account secures those messages and affords a private delivery to chosen survivors you wish to contact after passing. The messaging is not subject to delivery from a third party nor is it susceptible to modification by others. The messages are the real, unique words of the account owner for the intended recipient.
  • If I choose to upgrade my FREE account to a Premium account, will all of my survivors and content remain secure?
    Yes, if you upgrade to a Premium account, all prior listed survivors, messages and contact information will remain intact....and you will have the ability to send unlimited messages to your chosen survivors in various forms (text/email, photo, video and audio messages) up to 4 GB total for your account. This will provide significant storage for your video clips, pictures, audio and text messages.
  • If I create a Premium Yearly account, what will happen to my content (photo, video or audio messages) if I choose not to renew as a Premium subscriber?
    Your content will remain secure for the balance of your 12 month subscription and you will be notified to renew your Premium account. If you do not renew within 60 days after your subscription expiration date, your account will automatically be converted to a FREE account, your media content will remain stored securely, but the premium features (sending photos, video or audio) can only become activated once your account is brought current with the Premium charges then owing from the earliest date of non-renewal.
  • Who is the "trustee" and should I appoint more than one?
    The LaterTalk content that you have saved will only become available to survivors (i.e. activated for delivery to your survivors) upon verification that you (the account owner) has passed. During the initial setup, the account owner is asked to designate a "trustee" (not in the legal sense of an actual Trust, but as a representative who will be responsible to activate the decedent’s account for use by survivors). The Trustee, then, must be a responsible individual who can notify LaterTalk of the account owner’s passing in order to convert the LaterTalk account from "ready" to "active". As such, we recommend that account owners designate two trustees in order to verify account activation or if one of the named trustees is incapacitated.
  • When I create a FREE account, how many survivors can I list and how many text, photo, video and audio messages may I attach?
    With a FREE account, you can list unlimited survivors (friends, family, children, co-workers, etc.); however, you are limited to only three (3) text/email and photo messages per survivor. A Premium account, on the other hand, allows you to list unlimited survivors and unlimited messages in any form (text/email, photo, video, audio messaging) up to 4 GB per account for a set annual or LIFETIME fee.
  • What is the monthly charge for maintaining a LaterTalk account?
    You can select a FREE LaterTalk account and understand how the process works at no charge. You will be able to list unlimited survivors and store up to three (3) messages per survivor. Messages for FREE subscribers are limited to text/email and photo messages but can be scheduled by you or in response to prompts by the survivor. A PREMIUM LaterTalk account costs $11.99 per year, or a LIFETIME LaterTalk account costs $24.99 and is billed only once. The billing of your account is automatic and billed through "Stripe" software so your credit card information is fully secure.
  • Once I pass away and my account is activated, will my family have to continue to pay for my account in order to receive messages?
    No, upon your passing, your account is converted to a FREE account for those survivors who receive messages from you. Since your survivors will create their own accounts, your account will no longer be billed.
  • Can I leave important information in my LaterTalk account such as account numbers, investment information, passwords, log-in words and other private information?
    Yes, although a back-up is highly recommended, a LaterTalk account can allow you to message your family or executor/trustee to provide them with information you wish to keep private. Please refer to the LaterTalk "Terms and Conditions" relating to LaterTalk's responsibility for loss of content.
  • Why are survivors given the opportunity to leave suggestions on my account?
    In order to create a more authentic conversation between survivor and account owner, survivors can leave "topic suggestions" or questions for the account owner. The account owner, then, can respond to those suggestions in a conversational manner. For example, survivor/son can leave a suggested topic such as "Dad - leave me messages about our fishing trip to Lake Erie every summer" or "Mom - I will miss you terribly. You have always been there for me. Love, Dave" Dad might respond to the first suggestion with a picture of father/son fishing on a boat in Lake Erie and put a note on the photo saying "Remember when I caught the biggest fish. I always remember our great trips together. Love always, Dad". In the second example, Mom might respond "Dave - Always know that I am with you in spirit no matter what you need. I am so proud of the man you have become. Love always, Mom". In both cases, the message/response can be delivered after the parent passes and on a date specified by the account owner/ parent.
  • How can I ask questions regarding my account or how my account works?
    You can direct all inquiries to info@latertalk.com and we will respond to your questions quickly. LaterTalk strives to provide you with a unique and satisfying experience for the benefit of you and your survivors. If there are any questions, concerns or problems with your account, we would ask you to contact us immediately. Should you have any suggestions, we would likewise enjoy hearing from you with ideas to improve our service and testimonials as to how LaterTalk has helped you in your planning and maintaining your legacy.